In metro city life is very busy, people do jobs and have a very busy schedule. Usually, people prepare their food at home. But on weekend people love to go outside and enjoy their weekend by doing shopping and enjoy dinner outside. Usually, in metro city life is going in a similar manner. But there are a few people who regularly eat their dinner outside.  There are so many restaurants and hotels .which serve a taste of Delhi at reasonable rates to their customer. people eat delicious food or homemade food at a reasonable rate. In Delhi, there are few best restaurants which serve And people go often to have dinner. As we know people are very foody nowadays and love to taste different cuisine.

Dinner usually refers to the most significant meal of the day, which has to be taken early in the evening. In rural areas, people eat the main meal of the day during daylight hours. Due to Industrial work life, people eat dinner late at night. In the present scenario, people eat dinner late at night due to their professional life. In Delhi and other city, people invite their friends on a special occasion and prepare special dishes. And enjoy dinner with their friends. People also through dinner at a festive occasion like Christmas & New Year Eve. Now dinner has a different meaning due to a different culture. Dinner means a meal which has to be taken small size with specific time. Dinner has to eat as early as possible because if you eat late in the night, it also affects your health. In Delhi lots of places which are open in late night and serves best dinner places in Delhi.

Dinner is the last meal of the day, which should be light & healthy. Because most of the people have their dinner at midnight. Most people have had their dinner in restaurants and it is the advice of most of the nutritionist that dinner should be light and full of nutritional value. So it doesn’t have the bad effect on your body.

In Gurgaon, it is known as a cyber city. There is N Number of places which serve authentic & tasty dishes at reasonable rates. Most people go to their favorite places to have dinner repeatedly and enjoy all type of cuisine in dinner with their family and friends. In Gurgaon people through dinner and wear clothes as per the theme of dinner.   Gurgaon is congested place and boarded with Delhi and people are very foodie and eat food in good quantity and enjoy with their friends .and Gurgaon is full of different flavor, so people found a variety of cuisine  like Italian, Indian, Japanese cuisine at any place at a reasonable rate, few restaurants serve food are best dinner places in Gurgaon. People go to their favorite place for eating dinner on a festive occasion. There are a few places which offer discounts to their customer on a special occasion.