If you want to update and revamp your conservatory, we have some great ideas to get you started. There are many ways to create an inviting space, including using colours, furniture and plants.

Swing seats

Not only are swing seats relaxing but also they look good. They are perfect for conservatories and you can complete the look with some stylish cushions.

Rustic looks

If you like the traditional French themes, use white-painted furniture and add blue accessories to give your conservatory a rustic look. You can also buy French street signs to put on your walls.

Homely touches

If you prefer a cosy theme, choose floral wallpaper and furniture. Wicker furniture used to be the most popular choice; however, rattan furniture offers the same aesthetic qualities and is more durable.

Natural look

Create an outdoors environment by adding plants to your space. You should also paint the walls white to make the theme stand out more.

Decorate your windows

Conservatory windows are often floor to ceiling. You can add some colour by choosing patterned blinds.

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Go retro

Nothing says retro more than a classic pod chair. Add one to an all-white colour scheme and you will have a contemporary yet classic look.

Colourful table settings

If you plan to invite guests round, make your table the focal point of the room. Use a summer tablecloth with loads of colour to complement your theme. If you are feeling creative, you can even make your own.

Country charm

If you are not a fan of blinds, you can create a vintage look with a whitewashed fretwork screen. You can add floral elements in the room with patterned seat pads and a tablecloth. Pick flowers from your garden to complement the look.

Tropical feeling

Create your own summer paradise by brightening up your conservatory. Rattan furniture looks great with bold colours and plants in oversized containers.

Lavish plants

Find some exotic plants and fill your conservatory with them. Brighten corners of the room with tall plants, and use fabrics with a leaf design to complete the look.