Contract design? What’s That? Well, we don’t blame you as we had the same reaction when we heard this term for the first time. But, soon we got our answer and it was shocking to know that we were already using contract furniture on a daily basis. Wondering how?

What is Contract Design?

Furnishing contract design is actually designing commercial spaces. It involves designing spaces like offices, hotels, lobbies, doctor’s clinics, and restaurants using furniture, furnishings, and fabrics that’s specially made for commercial design market and not intended for residential purpose.

The Testing and Certification Process

Given that the contract furniture/furnishings are specially manufactured for commercial use, they should meet the industry standards. The testing and certification process is pretty austere that they need to go through. Once certified, the contract design products are then sold by the zonal dealerships, exclusively.

Why using contract furnishing?

Nope, contract furniture is not the same as retail furniture, but there is not much of a difference and hence, can often create confusion. While there are many similarities, the contract furniture wins the piece of cake with the custom options, wholesale rates, and the warranties on hard use. These are designed in a manner that makes them a perfect fit and match for the space, especially if it’s offered by a dealer who deals with contract furniture.

If you think these are not stylish, you will be surprised to see how the hospitals or schools are festooned with modern furnishings these days. So, you do not really need to sacrifice on style, design, or comfort when you are buying contract furniture.

Moving beyond the usual

However, it does not mean that you cannot use these stuff to for residential purpose. In fact, contract furnishing has gone beyond the conventional concept and now you can impart that unique look to your kitchen, family rooms, or the kid’s playrooms using contract furniture. Our friend next door, Emma, has recently used the contract furnishing services of Binova Milano for Italian kitchen design and the transformation is indeed striking. Bonus, they even allow you to modify your purchase even in the later stages.

Contract furnishing is especially suitable for high-use areas, and so, kitchen is one of the spaces in the home that is mostly used. Hence, you need a service that offers trendy designs, and extra-durable furniture (to be able to sustain the regular wear and tear). So, find a professional service that’s into Furnishing contract design such as, Binova Milano and transform your kitchen into different world.