When you are pregnant, there are a lot of changes you need to make in your life to ensure that your child has the best possible gestation conditions ever.

That may include giving up caffeine or alcohol or changing your diet to something healthier.

However, have you considered the cleaning products you use? If you aren’t using specialized products, but standard store-bought ones, you may need to be careful as some of them contain harmful chemicals.

Cleaning Experts from MaidThis! share some tips about what you should and shouldn’t use while pregnant.

Spray and Aerosol Cleaners

Any kind of spray or aerosol cleaners are always more problematic than any other kind of cleaners because they are so much easier to absorb in your body by inhaling and partly swallowing.

Oven cleaners are among the most typical representatives of spray cleaners which are best avoided. The strong chemicals in them are not good for any person, but if you are pregnant, maybe skip oven cleaning, or delegate it to someone else.

Dangerous Chemicals

We use a lot of potentially hazardous chemicals in our daily lives. Our pools are cleaned with chlorine, a very potent and strong chemical, bleach has several useful applications, etc.

However, if you follow the instructions to the letter, you can minimize the risk to your health. Being extra careful when you are pregnant is even more important, so be on a lookout for some of these.

  • DEGME, also possibly named Methoxydiglycol
  • EGBE, also possibly named 2-Butoxyethanol
  • Phthalates, sometimes listed only as ‘fragrance’
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Glycol and/or Glycol Ethylene

All of these substances have been linked in some way to reproductive and birth problems and complications, especially the first two. Keep in mind that they are harmless in any form other than a spray, so if they are in a liquid cleaner, they do not have the same negative effect.

Don’t Panic Just Yet

Even though all of these chemicals and cleaning agents contain some harmful chemicals, they wouldn’t be released to the public if they were really dangerous for our health (if used properly).

Most experts agree that using these chemicals isn’t going to be harmful to you if you use them in well ventilated rooms, so if you are planning to do so, make sure you don’t risk these chemicals building up.

Still, if you are concerned about the potential negative impacts these chemicals might have on your child, there are two options you have.

You can defer your cleaning chores to someone else, whether a loved one or a professional cleaner. Even though this will cost you some money, you can rest assured that the job will be done even more thoroughly and professionally than you could have done it. Learn more in this article .

Alternatively, if you still want to keep everything under your control, perhaps you can find some ‘green’ cleaners which do not use harmful chemicals. These products are relatively easy to find and even though they might be slightly less effective than the regular ones, they will still do the job.

Should You Be Cleaning at All?

Finally, you should ask yourself (and possibly your doctor) if you should even be cleaning in the first place. The exertion of cleaning is stressful enough, but the constant bending is probably even worse, not to mention the likely sensitivity to strong odors (which most cleaners have).