Ruth Fau, who has been suffering from emotional disease in Pakistan, is celebrated with the first brotherhood of honor today.

Dr. Ruth Fau was born on 9 September 1929 in Germany but he dedicated 57 years of his life to serve humanity in Pakistan.

This great and compassionate woman saw the destruction of her eyes and saw her only brother die in falling shells from heaven.

Seeing the destruction of the war in Germany, Dr. Ruth Fau did not marry and helped the people affected by war.

Later, ‘Detutors of Heart of Mary’ organization decided to send them to India where they had to meet Madrassa, but because of not getting visas they were advised to go to Pakistan and then leave India More.

In this time, Germany’s social organization ‘Detutors of Heart of Mary’ was working in a small dispensary from 1955 in the Choprapar belt near City Station at the McDonald Road (II Chandragarh Road) in Karachi.

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Once Dr. Rath was sent to Dispensary, there was no view of the scene because he was diagnosed with leprosy only in the Dispensary.

Dr. Ruth wrote to his organization in Germany that instead of India, their main work is in Pakistan and they want to serve them and their lives remain as Pakistan.

In the 1960s, there were thousands of pesticides in Pakistan in the case of leprosy in Pakistan when it was considered unhealthy, but Dr. Ruth Fau gave the duty of Christianity and made every effort to end it.

He started a free clinic in the Ladders town on Macwell Road, 1963 Karachi Karachi station, as well as the cure of “My Adelaide. Lipacea Center”, with the help of cure of emotional patients, as well as helping their surfers. Was it Later clinics were established in other areas of Karachi Politics.

In order to overcome the emotional epidemic in Pakistan, he also collected donor donations from Germany and also established several hospitalized Lepacy Treatment Centers in Rawalpindi.

On the part of the country’s elimination of welfare and welfare activities, Pakistan’s greatest respected starred starred in Qayyazim in 1969 and awarded the honor of the British media award.

In the wake of Dr. Roth’s efforts, the World Health Organization announced that in 1996, there was an end to leprosy disease.

In view of his services, he issued Pakistani citizenship, but Dr. Rath denied the citizenship because he wanted German identity but he said that the dead should be buried in Pakistan.

Dr Ruth Fau is employing 157 centers across the country, not only for leprosy but blindness control, maternity and child care, tuberculosis patients are also treated.

Dr. Ruth Fu died on August 10 due to severe illness, but the result of his service is that Pakistan is included in the list of countries where there is almost a decline in leprosy and Dr. Rath itself services Pakistan. First of all I was honored to overcome this disease Read more.