In the United States alone, around 9.26 million people own a second home. These statistics point to a rather large chunk of the American public that are wealthy enough to afford two, separate dwellings. Another interesting statistic, one that hasn’t been researched, is how many of these homes go uninhabited for months out of the year. Many people own vacation homes with the intent of using them often. However, daily routines and hectic work schedule sometimes make these goals impossible. Some individuals or couples may consider selling their vacation home when confronted with this issue. Fortunately, there is a way to keep the second home and make a profit.


Many people who find themselves in this situation turn to timeshare or rental options. Vacation homes not used by their owners are simply collecting dust and losing value. With a successful timeshare venture, that home can be put to use and generate an income at the same time. This strategy saves owners from losing a considerable amount of money selling their vacation home while still offering the opportunity for use. With a time sharing plan, owners have the liberty to decide how much of the year they will use their home and how long to rent. It is the best of both worlds.


Resort Vacations International is a leading provider of timeshare and vacation rental marketing. They help individuals and families make the transition from owning an unused second-home, to generating passive income through timeshare rentals. The reality is, many people don’t know where to begin in the process of renting their vacation home. There are websites that offer this service, but lack the proper marketing techniques and industry knowledge to be effective. Resort Vacations International focuses and specializes in connecting renters with vacation property owners by utilizing a host of effective marketing strategies.


More specifically, Resort Vacations International uses travel agencies, conventional coordination, direct mail, event planners, convention coordinators as well as vacationing and corporate publications. Most customers are contacted by a member of the Resort Vacations International team after putting their name into one of the company’s website forms. The representative will provide a short questionnaire to ensure their services are beneficial to potential customers. After signing a marketing agreement, Resort Vacations International will employ their marketing efforts to get their clients an offer on their property within 60-90 days. The offer will typically be for a short period of about a week.


Customers will get their vacation property listed on Resort Vacations International’s website after being approved. This company is primarily offering a marketing service to customers who want their second home to be rented as a vacation home. The process is relatively simple and straightforward. Interested owners can visit the company’s website for more information or to see listings from current clients. Renting a second-home doesn’t have to be a daunting process. If you have a nice vacation home, the process is already half-complete. The only missing piece is a marketing strategy to get that home in front of potential customers. This is where Resort Vacations International can offer help.