The two leading multiplayer FPS games are without a doubt hugely successful and dominate the gaming charts across all platforms with new releases. An outsider to the world of gaming may -and quite understandably- feel that the two are similar and be in the mind that if you like one then you will like them both. However, the games differ incredibly, each holding good and bad points alike.

Some gamers do indeed like to play both franchises, getting the best of both worlds from their favourite genre of game. However, the majority of the time gamers hold a favourite; a game they will play over and over again, defending its very integrity to the hills, and back.

So what are the differences in these predominant franchises? Why do people who like on of them refuse to even entertain the other? In the following, I will attempt to break the games down and highlight some key points on the pros and the cons of the titanic series’.

The Call of Duty Franchise

Call of Duty is arguably the most popular brand of the two. The games focus more on fast-paced action and smaller maps to create a far less realistic game but more enjoyable by some due to the constant action and shorter games. Call of Duty seems to be more popular among the younger gamers which can mean an irritating screeching in your ear throughout a match or being blocked in by trolls with riot shields (for example), though this is nothing a quick hit of the mute switch or playing on Hardcore mode (friendly-fire enabled) can eradicate.

Call of Duty (or CoD) boasts a wide variety of game modes offering players a diverse choice of how they wish to play the game. With modes not seen in other games like, ‘Gun Game’ and ‘One in The Chamber’, Call of Duty bring something unique to the table, aside from their super-popular ‘Zombies’ mode.

Attracting an abundance of gamers to the franchise, and keeping them there, Zombies mode allows you to team up with another 3 players to take on hordes of the undead. As each round is passed, the difficulty is raised with more zombies appearing for the next until you find yourself inundated with what seems like thousands of the flesh-eating undead. Again, it’s the fast-paced action and different approach that attracts players to Call of Duty, and maybe why they stay.

The Battlefield Franchise

Personally, I see the Battlefield serious as a much more ‘grown up’ multiplayer shooter. Set across a series of immensely large maps, Battlefield allows for a much more realistic experience and also a generous selection of military vehicles such as motorbikes, tanks, helicopters and even fighter jets. The battles are bought to life by the sounds of these vehicles along with the cracks, whizzes and bangs from the many ongoing battles around you. Whilst no never-before-seen game modes to shout from the rooftops about, the very experience that Battlefield can offer is unique in itself.

Battlefield is favoured by, (and notorious for) sniper classes as the expansive maps offer a much more favourable experience when compared to the often compact confines of the Call of Duty counterparts. Hills, buildings and vegetation offer the perfect cover and vantage point for any sniper worth his salt. I say ‘worth his salt’ as true skill comes in to play when sniping in Battlefield than in CoD. Distance needs to be judged and bullet-drop compensated for, concealment is vital due to the many other snipers and a keen eye is imperative to spot enemies with the same plans as you. In short, sniping in Battlefield is a whole new kettle of proverbial fish. Gone are the days of quick-scoping and running around like a headless chicken armed with a sniper rifle and the days of realistic, skill-demanding marksmanship are upon us.

Huge 64-a-side teams mixed in with lashings of the above make for a breath-taking battle and with half hour long matches you certainly have enough time to absorb all around you and become a real part of the chaos.

Which One’s For me?

I guess the answer to this question is ultimately subjective. If you’re  looking for a quick, ten-minute dose of fun then Call of Duty is your answer. However, if it’s realistic and epic battles you seek, then the Battlefield offerings are key.    

Luckily games from both competitors can be found at very reasonable prices and with Kinguin coupons available across the internet it is more than affordable to have a game from each franchise in your collection to give you the choice from these two very different experiences.