Nepal Trekking is one of the strenuous yet worthwhile adventures sports one can ever experience in life. The lifelong unforgettable memory which can be cherished later and enjoy the exhilarating wonderful experience. The decision on opting for trekking is good one as the event is full of fun, activity and rough travelling. The country is most celebrated and sought after destination for backpackers, trekkers, mountain climbers and hikers as well. One reason behind why the destination is so much in demand and liked by every trekker is because it is grasped by highest mount peak in the World, The Everest Peak.

Also the beauty of the country attracts the pilgrimages, tourist and travelers. Trekking in Nepal is absolute desire for most professional and amateur climbers and hikers. To seize the extreme challenge of trekking the highest mountain is definitely not easy task. The adventure sport requires more than only enthusiasm and passion for trekking the fitness factor.

If you are not fit enough you’re trekking won’t be fun and sporty. One needs to be active, lively and excitement full. So experience new places with anticipation hence make the activity more amusing. For eventful journey one need to have good health condition. Take pleasure in the beautiful sights and nature that enfolds your inner beauty as well. Book today your Nepal Trekking Trip and enjoy the tour with experienced and skillful guides.

One mistaken belief about trekking is the difficulty level involved during the journey. This is not the whole truth indeed is depending on your physical condition and stay fit from mind as well and also on your liking factor different trekking tour can be taken. Trekking may take hours, days or weeks depending on one’s personal choice made and opting for what you like the most. There are several expeditions that can be arranged whether you call for easy and short travel or forest trails or demanding difficult adventure experience along the complicated hills and majestic mountains.

While on excursion journey you will definitely savor exotic and stunning scenery of great Himalayan Range. You will also absolute admiration as you pass through cultural affluence and famous wildlife sanctuaries during steadfast trek such as base camps of Everest, Langtang region trek, Annapurna Conservative Area, Mustang region trek, Kanchanjungha region trek, Doplo region and so forth.

Commonly used mountain climbers are the other base camps situated on opposite sides of Mount Everest. One is facing the north of Tibet and another is facing towards south in Nepal. The camps are used as shelter for mountains climbers, trekkers and travelers.

The Lantang region is yet another well-known trek originating from Nepal which is quite accessible through Kathmandu Valley. For time constraints trekker this trek is best suitable naturally. Enjoy the subtle with the best outing which can be extended last up to 21days and enjoy the place since it is less crowded.

Usually packed trekking region is Annapurna as it is magnificent series of mountain peaks including the 10th submit in the world situated in Himalayas. The Mustang Valley another famous trek route is physically the part of Annapurna region and is more culturally inclined with that of Tibet than with Nepal. Trekkers who set foot on this valley will capture nostalgic moments as they travel back in time when Tibet was free from the custody of China.

Nepal Trekking is the perfect adventure and exercise if you are expecting to participate in journey full of rich, cultural background and history.