From centuries, this rudraksha beads have been believed to be working as a protector to human beings. It is said that for someone who is constantly on move, they need to eat and sleep at different places and carrying a rudraksha with them helped them to create a cocoon of their own energy. This helped one to settle down in a new place very easily. This bead is said to protect one from all the negative forces that can surround an individual in a new place. That is why; these beads are very helpful.

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It was also believed that rudraksha beads can check the purity of water. Many years ago when saints used to travel from one place to another, they used to hold a rudraksha bead above water to check the purity. If the bead rotated clockwise, then the water is fresh and drinkable and it if rotated anti clockwise, then it is contaminated or poisonous and it is not a good idea to drink that. This was the way to check the quality of drinking water in ancient times and in fact some also used to check the food quality in the same way with the help of this rudraksha beads.

For rudraksha online purchase, one needs to consult an astrologer first. Thought the main work of rudraksha bead is to protect an individual from all the negativities and forces that can harm them, there are some other benefits also that one can gain by wearing these beads. But one has to know well which bead to wear and which does not suit them at all. This is because; there are various varieties of rudraksha beads available which can be one faced to multi faced (21 faced to be precise) and all of them are not suitable for everyone. If a wrong bead is worn, it can lead to something g bad and can cause some harm to the individual as well.

Various rudraksha beads are used for various purposes. Not a single bead matches with the other. That is why; it depends on the characteristic of an individual and their birth charts that which rudraksha bead variety will suit them. Each bead has their some own sets of benefits. Some beads helps one in gaining knowledge while others help in boosting up confidences and then there are others which help one to establish themselves in their professional lives.

The general knowledge about rudraksha as far as goes are likely this. It is said that if one wears a one faced rudraksha they get bored of familial ties and leave them to gain inner peace. On the other hand three faced or five faced rudraksha beads help one to gain their focus on what they want to do in their life and achieve something.

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