India houses almost all the industries in the world, and when you are on touring mode, it also converts to a shopping mode, as when you are going towards Bengal, you will get sari, sweets and other things, while if you are going to Agra, then the Petha is famous. So it translates to a touring cum shopping mode for India. Let us talk about five different destinations in India where you must shop if you are passing nearby, as these are termed as the best shopping destinations in India.

Let us first enlist all the Cities then we will talk about each of the places in details:

  • Bangalore
  • Delhi
  • Pune
  • Mumbai
  • Jaipur

Bangalore – Shopping in Silicon Valley of India

There are many different places in Bangalore wherein we can get the best of the stuff you need out of which we will be having a look at some of them. Starting with Commercial Street, here you can quickly get all type of junk jewelry, shoes, accessories, clothing and other knick-knacks. You can easily spend your whole day shopping here but we even have to see other famous places in Bangalore which happens to be National Market, the national market turns out to be the one-stop place for all kind of electronics. We do have City Market, Avenue Road, Chickpet Market, and other such areas which do famous for quality materials and one of the best place to shop.

Bangalore Shopping
Bangalore Shopping

Delhi – Shopping in Capital city of India

The capital of India houses all types of stores, and hence there are some places where you can get many different knick-knacks. Starting with Dilli Haat, you can get different Indian handcrafts and artifacts with which you can easily decorate your house to the old delhi where you find lots of street shops for budget clothing. Whether it’s fashion for plus size over 50 or size 0 dresses for slim beauties, you will find here. If you are looking for some clothing stores, then Paharganj is the best place in Delhi, along with cloths here you will get shoes, jewelry, hookah pipes, and other different things. If you are looking for accessories for your vehicles or your mobile, then you must go to Nehru Nagar Market.

Delhi Shopping
Delhi Shopping

Pune – Shopping in the less known city

Although we have Mumbai nearby which is even the best shopping hub in India, still Pune happens to have different things in the store to offer which makes Pune another shopping hub. If you are looking to get fruits, vegetables and other things for your kitchen which are fresh then you must head to Phule Market. If you are looking for some fashion, then you must reach out to fashion street, which has more than 450 stalls which will easily suffice your needs.

Mumbai – Shopping in the trade capital of India

Mumbai is such a big city and hence there happens to be many different places for shopping but today we are going to talk about the must go places for shopping if anytime soon you are reaching the shores of Mumbai. The first place happens to be Linking Road in Bandra. The place have places for Accessories, clothes, and shoes, you can easily go to Carter Road if you are looking for a quick bite. The next places happens to be Colaba CauseWay in Colaba, the place houses shops for books, jewelry, handicraft and cloths. While shopping you can also checkout the Gateway of India. Other places in Mumbai for shopping happen to be Lokhandwala Market, Lamington Road, and Fashion Street in MG Road.

Jaipur – Shopping in the pink city of India

To get the real Rajasthani shopping feel in Jaipur, you will have to move to street shopping and not into those air-conditioned buildings. Here you are inevitably going to love the jewelry which will come in Johari Bazaar which is open all seven days from 11 am to 10 pm which is the right time for most of the people to shop. Here you can quickly grab jewelry of all the designs you need. If you need wooden sculptures and souveniers, then you will have to head to Kishanpol Bazaar. While for other textile needs you will need to lead to the Bapu Bazaar.

These are some of the best places you are going to find in India for shopping. These areas happen to be the best when it comes to shopping for any material. There are even other cities where you will get better choices based on your need. In top 5 according to us, these are the best destinations, you can comment down according to you which are the best shopping destinations in India.