When you connect to the internet, you not just get a quick access to the whole world within a matter of few clicks but also to potential threats which in the form of virus can enter your PC or laptop or tablet and cause serious problems. In some extreme case, it can even lead to your system becoming ‘dead’. In order to prevent such an unfortunate event from taking place, we bring to you some simple hacks to enhance the security of your home systems.

Before we provide you with the magic hacks, it will be important to first try and understand what home wireless network means and includes. Without inserting any technical jargons, a home wireless network simply means connecting to an wireless internet connection by connecting the system to an internet access point in such a manner that more than one devices can be used to connect to the network.

Make your connection difficult

So you have got a router and are trying to configure it. The first thing which you need to do is to give a name to your home wireless connection. Many people have the habit of keeping your name as the name of the connection which makes it easier for the hackers to enter and use your connection. Instead, go for a rather complicated and difficult username which will be difficult for the hackers to hack and get an entry into.

Set a unique and strong password

Technology experts always recommend that when you set up a home wireless internet connection, make sure that you keep a strong and unique password which will be difficult for the hackers to hack and get through.  However, we tend to keep easy passwords as we feel that complex or difficult passwords can be quite difficult to remember. However, don’t do this and create a difficult password instead.

Strengthen your wifi security with network encryption

If you are completely averse to technology, then you may not be aware of this. Wireless networks have several encryption languages. Some of these include the WPA, WEP, WPA2 etc and with the best encryption setting being the WPA2 AES which is compatible with all wireless networks. Make sure that you enable encryption to any of these encryptions and enjoy a safe and secure network.

Plug off when not in use

Most of us fail to do this but it is always suggested that you turn off your wifi when you are not at home or on vacation. This will make it all the more difficult for the hackers to gain an entry into such networks.

Carefully pick your wifi point

This will sound rather absurd, but it is true. Where you place your router is also equally important to ensure that your connection does not get hacked. This is because if you place in some corner of your house, then your network can be accessible to your neighbors as well thereby potentially exposing your connection to hacking. Instead, choose a centre point of your house to place the router.

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