The Cheapest and best marketing Bulk SMS provider


A business needs to keep in touch with all its customers quickly and easily. Bulk SMS offers the best way to do this through a reliable gateway service and at Bulk SMS, you get the cheapest deals. Their services allow you to send non-critical SMS messages in batches from one to thousands. This is particularly helpful for marketing campaigns.

Services are flexible and allow personalised messages for a variety of notifications:

  • Create your own contacts lists online.
  • Address your recipients by name with personalised SMS messages.
  • Send personalised appointment or billing reminders.
  • Option to send long messages
  • Delivery receipt confirmation for each message
  • Option to designate a dedicated number to be shown as the sender ID for bulk SMS messages sent

You can send your bulk SMS messages via several methods:

  • From your own mobile number, a shared number or purchase dedicated numbers.
  • Using the best feature-rich and easy to use Web SMS portal.
  • Integrating with your own software using the powerful API.
  • Using a standard email client with our simple Email to SMS feature.

With Bulk SMS packages, you pay upfront for a specific number of messages. Buy only what you need.

  • The more you buy, the more you save
  • Lowest price SMS everyday guarantee
  • 2 Way SMS ­– free to receive SMS messages
  • Free delivery receipt confirmations

How to use bulk SMS messages

  • Let your customers know about early Christmas sales
  • Remind your gym members when their fees are due
  • Confirm a patient’s medical appointment time
  • Confirm employee rosters for the coming week

The services here are affordable, reliable, and can be tailored to your preferences. In an age where letterboxes are stuffed to the brim with unwanted junk mail and email inboxes overflow with never-to-be-read promotional material, SMS-based communication has become the leader when it comes to connecting with customers instantly and directly.

Because it’s very easy for the customer to opt-in or out from SMS delivery, it actually increases their feelings of control and engagement, which leads to a high conversion rate. In fact, SMS Marketing has the highest conversion rate among all communications channels.

Bulk SMS provides the cheapest SMS Marketing service no doubt. Check out the highly competitive, pre-paid pricing schedule. They have managed to keep their best prices extremely low while maintaining a fast and highly reliable SMS gateway.

If you would like to have a better look at their system, sign up today for free – it is instant and no credit card details are required. Plus, they will give you 25 free SMS messages so you can get started immediately with no second thought.