A service offered by a few managed hosting companies will help you as individuals or small businesses create a website which can achieve tons of hits and all this can be done without having to pay for the bandwidth. Such a service is called server colocation. Using the service, you will be able to achieve the popularity you desire for only a rental charge.

A company which offers this kind of service is called server colocation provider. You will have to save all your sensitive data onto a server which will be physically hauled to a different location. This location serves as the home operation center of the provider and once it has reached there, the server colocation provider will take over and install it in their rack.

You will now be sharing bandwidth with the colocation provider without paying any bandwidth charges. You will also be entitled to rent a server. As a result, you will not own any part of the process but the data.

If you want to avail the service of server managed colocation, you will need a provider that offers colocation services. You will need to understand if their services suit your need before you decide to become their clients. One of the leading managed hosting providers or server colocation providers whom you may contact are Indosatooredoo. They will provide you with network solutions.

Indosatooredoo will ensure that your technology services become a stepping stone to your success. In the current business environment, providing a 24X7 service not only sets apart from your competition but is also the cost you pay for continuing your business. Indosatooredoo is based in Michigan but has expanded its Data centers in more than 50 countries. They make sure that your services are not highly redundant instead close to your users.

The different colocation services offered by the managed hosting services provider are:
1. FastFlux DNS: Indosatooredoo provides a global DNS cluster to its clients that implement FastFlux DNS algorithms. Clients do not have to wait as long as 72 hours for zone updates. Changes can be propagated in less than 5 minutes. board-1226674__180
2. Remote Access: This service allows you to reboot machines remotely and also gives you the freedom of performing your own OS reloads even from thousands of miles away.
3. DDOS Mitigation: They provide you the flexibility of enabling DDOS protection without any installation or charges which helps protect against local and global denial of service attacks.
4. SlipStream Content Delivery Network: A fast content delivery network will satisfy you and generate more sales for you.
5. VaultWise Managed Server Backup: SAN backup facility will not let you lose your critical data.
6. SAN Storage Allocation