5 Commonalities between Kabaddi and Online Rummy


The mention of Kabaddi and online rummy bring mixed opinions about the two games. If the former is a game of might, the latter is a game related to your mental skills. Kabaddi is one of the many games prevalent in rural India and in the recent years has been identified as a mainstream game with many national and international competitions being held. On the other hand, rummy has been part of our society for ages. Even to this day, rummy is an important game at any Indian get together – whether it is social or casual. And in the last couple of years, free rummy has made a big splash in the entertainment arena renewing the interest in the game exciting features and rewards.

But, do you know there are certain commonalities between Kabaddi and online rummy? Let’s check out them in the article below.

  1. Game of focus

Both online rummy and Kabaddi require the good focus of the players on the game. While every move of the opponent is crucial to decide your game plan, you need to be extremely vigilant to every move your opponent makes. In free rummy games too, as the cards get picked and discarded by players turn by turn you need to keep a close watch on which cards are getting discarded by your opponents in order to infer the possible sets and sequences they could be aiming for.


  1. Game of strength

Although both the games are about the strength, they are of different kinds. If Kabaddi is about physical strength and how to could hold your opponent from touching the midline, online rummy is about mental strength and how to stop your opponent from melding sets and sequences first. In the free rummy online game, you have to not only cruise yourself ahead towards victory, you need to thwart the chances of your opponent from declaring before you by your tricks and strategies.

  1. Game of strategies

In Kabaddi each move by the raider is based on well-thought strategies aimed at earning more points to the team. Similarly in free rummy too, every move is a strategy that you plan based on your understanding of your opponent’s game, the cards dealt with you and your prevailing situation in the game. Strategies and skills prove vital in rummy.

  1. Game bound by time

While in Kabaddi the raider has to keep repeatedly saying “Kabaddi” until he/ she crosses the midline to be on his/ her team’s court. He/ she cannot take breadth also in the opponent team’s court. Similarly, when you go for free play rummy online, every move of yours is time stipulated and you cannot afford to miss any move and dampen your prospects of winning in the game.

  1. Game of skill

Kabaddi is a game too that depends on the skill of the players. Similarly, the free rummy online game is skill based where your ability to observe keenly, draw reasoning from the facts and decision taking aspects influence your game heavily.


Whether it is a game of Kabaddi or a game of rummy, your skills matter the most than your luck and your ability to turn around a losing game into a success.