“Could name the capitals of more than 200 countries in the world; can recite70 ancient poems fluently; knowing of 2000 Chinese characters “, which will be done by the only 5 years old prodigy. This kind of “precocious talents” is more and more increasing. Excessive utilitarian education idea, is the main reason of this springing up of the kindergarten Singapore.

In fact, according to children’s physical and mental growth pattern, 0 to 6 years old children should close to the natural primarily, and the game as the basic form of activity. Emphasizing knowledge implant too early is harmful without profit. The cruel reality makes the children’s glass lens grow thicker, physical quality get worse.

Actually, twisted preschool education concept at best is just a catalyst, forcing the parents to look for the relations. The crime culprit is extreme deficiency of preschool education resource is and distributing unevenly.

In most European countries, preschool education expenditure occupies 0.4 ~ 0.7%per cent of GDP, and parents only bear the expenses of around 10%, for kindergarten children while in Singapore preschool education just occupies little of GDP, and the basic allocation is for a few public kindergarten Singapore, most pre-school school-age children can’t enjoy it.

Kindergarten Singapore, have become unbearable thing of many parents also has caused the attention of central. Previously some opinions published by the state council on the current development of preschool education and demands preschool education funds will be listed in the government budget. Months ago at the national pre-school education work TV conference call, this article proposes to give urban and rural private kindergartens various forms of support and funding, let people under the condition of expending roughly equally, can make choices freely public. These all make people expect to. This time, the central requires to build supervising and checking and inspection rewards and punishment mechanism to promote work. Only these mechanisms can set up, and play a role, young parents won’t be overwhelmed.