I love the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It is very true though some think that No.

When we start to read a magazine, a newspaper, an article, our social networks, etc. The first thing we set are always images. Once an image has been struck us our view automatically goes to the title, and finally, if you have also convinced us the title … then we condescend to read the text. It may be sad, but it’s a reality!

So … What are we waiting?

Let’s see opportunity where everyone sees the problem

So far we have clear some concepts (Let’s sort them by importance):


We highlight some words in the text (bold, italic, etc.).


I am convinced. I’ll put in my articles shocking images

This would be the most common answer but … let’s go further and I suggest another phrase to be analyzed:

If we want different results. We have to do different things

As to work, we will be different…

If we apply our theory makes sense. We love the pictures, we come by sight, what better way to insert images in an infographic where we transmit a very clear idea with little text and more than one image?

Making Infographic
Example of Infographics


  1. Pinktochart

Pinktochart is a tool for infographics that allows us to create them using templates. They have 6 free templates, pretty well. It also has many quite sophisticated templates, of course, those templates would be paid.

Pinktochart advantages:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Icons chords
  • Fully customized and Free Templates
  1. is a tool to make different infographics. SOCIAL actually collects statistical data from your profiles and plasma in the form of computer graphics. Very useful for infographics social profiles of our companies. advantages:

  • Collects statistical data.
  • Intuitive and versatile system
  • Fun templates
  1. is another similar tool, although this now remains in beta. advantages:

  • You can use own images
  • Easy to handle
  • You can insert videos

Here you already have three free tools for creating computer graphics. Now you no longer have an excuse not create your infographic. Let’s do it!

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