Upper Mustang is one of the antique spots of Nepal with a Tibetan culture however in Nepal Territory and exceptionally it is the taboo kingdom of Nepal and furthermore the antiquated divider city of Nepal so that is the reason Upper Mustang Trek is so much Exciting Trek in Nepal. Furthermore, in particular Tiji Festival which they commend each year while you go for an upper Mustang trek if u have an arrangement in this season each year then that would be one of the magnificent trek ever in light of the fact that this celebration is so much well known in light of the fact that it is praised and appeal to God for world peace.

Teeji Festival is prestigious as an achievement of Buddha’s incarnation and furthermore thrashing of mama hat Ru ta who used to harassh and furthermore he was a man eater and also who made tempests and dry seasons decimate individuals house’s and live stock.

Upper Mustang is the Place where a Typical Tibetan Culture which is still completely Followed by the Nepalese People too so this place is thoroughly depend on Tibetan condition as opposed to Nepalese condition and furthermore this territory is limited without a unique allow no one can enter this place and in addition this individuals take after lamaistic Buddhism .

Upper Mustang is a place where you can discover marvelous scenes too extraordinary personality blowing views and antiquated design and their way of life, custom and so on and this place is likewise the place where there is Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal and there are such a large number of concealed surrenders and also unique thing you would never Imagined to see in there.

This Teeji Festival comprises three day of Tibetan ceremonies and furthermore it is praised as a spring restoration celebration in the meantime. Upper Mustang is where such a large number of limited zones are in there yet there are such a variety of sightseers come to visit this novel place however as I as of now specified they needed to have an exceptional allow. The greater part of the general population who knows this place extremely well from whatever is left of the world so they need to visit upper horse in this season when they can appreciate the both celebration and trek in the meantime which would be truly energizing and an existence time Experience which you will always remember this Unique and Extraordinary Experiences of your Life.

Upper Mustang trek is about encountering the audacious excite of Nepal and there are such a large number of experience treks in Nepal like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base camp, Lang tang Valley Trek, Mount Manaslu Trek, and so on however among them Upper Mustang and exceptionally upper mustang trek with Teeji Festival is about fun and experience the antiquated histories of Tibetan stories and their Traditional Culture which despite everything they take after the Tibetan old culture convention and afterward they likewise take after the pattern of carrying on with the way of life like Tibetan since this place was in Tibet earlier yet later Nepal recovered the land and now it is in Nepal domain yet the general population living in there are Sherpa’s and tamang,magars also yet all they have faith in Tibetan societies and custom and they tail them.

Upper Mustang trek is for the most part around 3 weeks trek yet in the event that you need to appreciate this celebration in the meantime then it might take up to 3 days more than the trek time so you need an Enough Time to appreciate this minute and furthermore it is truly critical to have a data about all the required rules and principles Regulation in light of the fact that these are limited so need a decent learning and aptitudes for a trek on the grounds that These territory is Fantastic to see it however should be watchful while trek to be sheltered and mindful of Dangerous or Slippery strolling trails.

And furthermore this trek will give a delight of old Tibetan social happiness and their expectation for everyday comforts and the way these individuals treat the visitors or other individuals since they are truly honest and regard the general population and regard them as a divine being and in this trek you could discover entire parcel of amazing perspectives and landscapes.

Duration: 16 Days (including 12 days of trekking)
Type of Trek: Teahouse
Max Altitude:  4170m
Minimum Pax: 2 +
Mode of travel: Airplane (local airlines)
Grade: Medium
Best time to go: April-May, August-October
Price: around 2000 USD* per person + international flight ticket + insurance cost