The oldest thing given to anyone as greetings be it any occasion are flowers. Flowers are lovely things that can brighten up your mood. A bunch of flowers make your day colorful and fresh. It is also a safe thing to gift in case you don’t know what you should get for that person. It can be formal or informal and is equally liked by a close one or any acquaintance you know. There is hardly any one who can resist the flowers or bouquet from being given.

But the question is, how do you send flowers to someone in a different country? It is simple. You can send flowers online nowadays. Starting from a bunch of roses to orchids and custom made bouquets, you get everything you want online. Fresh flowers will be delivered to your near one with just a click now. Sending Flowers to Pakistan is really easy now. You can also gift presents along with flowers such as cakes and chocolates if you want. The flowers and gifts are available in a huge range in the offline as well as online market.

Special occasions like festivals, birthdays and anniversaries call for beautiful bouquets and their delivery. Now in any country, you can send flowers to your family and friends keeping in mind the following festivals.

  • Eid-ul-Fitr: the end of Ramzan marks the celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. Seasonal greetings can be sent to friends and family in Pakistan. A bunch of red roses or flower sticks are the best options. You can also send flowers of your choice. Keep in mind small things like if your friend or family member is allergic of any flower and then send those.
  • Basant: Basant or the spring festival is apt for sending flowers. Spring brings along with it lovely blossoms and flowers. You have a large variety to choose from and you also get flowers at a reasonable rate during spring time. Marigolds, sunflowers, yellow tulips shall do the work.
  • Independence Day: Flowers can be gifted on the auspicious occasion of Independence Day. Old friends and teachers can be greeted in this way.
  • Marriages and anniversaries: Marriages are lovely occasions and flowers can be the best way to congratulate the bride and the groom. Roses, lilies and orchids can brighten up anyone’s wedding day. In the same way, anniversaries, birthdays and graduation days can be celebrated by gifting your close ones with flowers. However for every event there are different types of flowers used and a bouquet maker can be a perfect source who can guide you about the same.
  • Other days: Apart from these, you can send flowers online on Valentine’s Day, Friendship’s Day, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Teacher’s day, doctor’s day and Labour day are also some of the known events when one can see flowers and bouquets given to the professionals by various people in the society.

At times you don’t need a reason or occasion. You can just order flowers for your loved ones and their day will be made.